Pictured: Kyle Warner, Carla Thilmont, Kathy Snover, Craig Campos, Scott Snover, Carly Cain, Brett Dobinsky

Thomas B. Snover Memorial

Scholarship and Golf Tournament

The Scholarship

Tom Snover was a young man who presented himself to the world just as he was – capable and fun loving, with integrity and sincerity.  In his 18 years of life, he touched the lives of many people.  He was known for his engaging smile and the way that he could bring people together and make everyone feel comfortable.  He lived his dreams and worked hard to do all that he wanted to do.  He loved baseball, golf, scuba diving, skiing, camping, music, his guitar, and his motorcycle.  But most of all, he loved his family and friends.  In 2001, the day before he was to graduate with honors from Rocky Mountain High School, Tom died in a motorcycle accident.

To honor his life and carry forward his ambitions, family and friends have established the Thomas B. Snover Memorial Fund.  This year we are pleased to be able to award a $5000 scholarship to a senior from one of the Fort Collins high schools. The $5000 scholarship will be given to a student who is college bound and exhibits Tom's exceptional character and zest for life.

Previous Scholarship Winners

Craig Campos 2002 (RMHS)                            Richelle Cohen 2011 (RMHS)
Brett Dobinsky 2003 (FCHS                             Charlie Humpal 2012 (FRHS)
Carla Thilmont 2003 (RMHS)                           Julia Deitz 2013 (FRHS)
Katherine Sanz 2004 (PHS)                               Brody Knauer 2014 (RMHS)
Caitlin Long 2005 (RMHS)                               MIkaela Madsen 2015 (FRHS)
Emily Schroeder 2006 (RMHS)                        Drew Guyer 2016 (RMHS)
Kyle Warner 2007 (FRHS)                                Lauren Davies 2016 (FRHS)
Carly Cain 2008 (FCHS)                                   Malcolm Goldman 2017 (PHS)
Rachael Brost 2009 (FRHS)                             Herman Chavez 2018 (RMHS)

Anne-Marie Kottenstette 2010 (RMHS)          Torie Wolf 2019 (RMHS)

2019 $5000 Scholarship Criteria and Application

The scholarship committee will consider the scope of study and academic accomplishments during high school as part of the evaluation of applicants.  Additionally we will be looking at the applicant’s diversity of interests, participation, values and enthusiasm for life. Download a copy of the scholarship application form using the following link -

                                    2019 Scholarship Application (Microsoft Word Document). 

Application Materials

Each applicant must submit the following items for consideration by the scholarship committee:

  • Completed Application Form
  • High school transcript
  • Include a presentation or other representation (photos, video, PowerPoint, artwork, etc.) of those people, places and events that you most value from your high school experience.  The presentation should include an explanation (in prose, verse or song, etc.) of what your presentation depicts and why the people, places and events are important to you.  The way in which you present your application and commentary is also important. The following is a list of suggestions for information about yourself that you might include.  However, we encourage applicants to be creative and not limit themselves to the items on this list.

             People who are most important to you
             Special events and activities
             Exciting moments in your life
             What is most important to you in your life
             An adventure
             What occupies your spare time
             Work/volunteer experiences
             Something that represents your dreams and future ambitions
             A photo that represents you without showing yourself

All application materials will be returned to the applicant after the committee has made their determination.

Deadline: All applications must be received by your high school Career Center/Counseling Office by Thursday, March 14th 2019 for consideration for the 2019 scholarship award.  Applications will be picked up from the Career Center/Counseling Office of your high school on Friday, March 15th 2019.


The 2019 scholarship recipient will be selected and notified by April 15th 2019.  Payment of the $5000 scholarship will be made by the Poudre School District in the name of the recipient directly to the college to be attended in the fall of 2019.